Zanzibar Pendant

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Straight to you from the palm lined-shores of Zanzibar, home to stunning white sands and aqua waters. This incredible statement pendant light is crafted with palm leaves by Zanzibari traditional makers using time-honoured techniques.

The gorgeous warm tones and beautiful woven pattern, along with the unique tasselated surface, creates a beautiful, softly curving pendant light with a light ring woven into the basket to fit into your pendant light kit. Each pendant light shade is completely unique, with no two the same and each telling the story of the weaver.

Dimensions (variations occur):

Depth: 43cm | Width 52cm approximately.

Sizes can vary due to the handmade nature of this artisanal crafted product

Care for your Pendant Light Shade

Pendant lights can be reshaped if required by wetting the basket prior to installation and inserting a dry towel inside the basket to shape it to the required dimensions. Let dry overnight. To smooth the fronds down after shipping, you can spray lightly with water, smooth down with a wide tooth comb and cover with a towel overnight to train the fronds downwards.

Each pendant light comes with a metal ring woven in to fit into a standard pendant kit. The ring has an E27 sized insert which can be removed to accommodate larger pendant light kit (please see photo showing light ring measurements).

Keep your pendant light shade clean by dusting or wiping gently with a cloth.

Electric light fitting not included - pendant light kits can be easily purchased at most hardware stores appropriate for your electrical requirements.

We recommend that your lights be installed by a licensed electrician to ensure that they are installed correctly. If required by relevant safety standards, a fireproofing spray can be applied regularly.