Care for Natural Fibre Baskets, Pendant Lights and Textiles

Care for Natural Fibre Baskets, Pendant Lights and Textiles

Baskets and Lighting

Ilala Palm

Baskets and pendants made from ilala palm can be molded into shape after shipping by spraying lightly with water, and then inserting dry towels inside to the shape that you wish; let them dry completely before installing.

Keep dry and ventilated, and clear of dust and dirt by gently wiping clean with a cloth. Should any mold or staining occur, ilala palm can be cleaned with lemon juice to regain its stunning natural tones. 

Makenge and cane

These are firm, sturdy fibres that require very little maintenance. Keep clean and dry; if a deeper clean is required start by gently brushing with a firm bristle brush.


Each fibre responds differently to washing methods. Jute can be washed on a gentle cycle. Cotton and bamboo prefer dry cleaning or a cool gentle wash if necessary, but skip the spin cycle. Wash separately and lay flat to dry in the shade. For wool and mohair, use a wool wash cycle and a specific wool wash for best results; otherwise dry clean to keep your textiles in optimum condition.

Please reach out to us on with any questions, we're happy to help you keep your beautiful homewares in perfect condition!

Wooden Bowls and Trays

Made from endemic hardwoods in the region where they are crafted. We recommend that any item used in proximity to food such as cutting boards be maintained with mineral oil, beeswax or raw linseed oil.

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