Coastal Drift

Coastal Drift is an importer and wholesaler to the interiors industry and trade.

We want the world to celebrate and have access to the incredible handcrafts of Africa, whilst preserving the cultural traditions of indigenous master artisans, and supporting their families and communities.

Specialising in genuine handmade cane furniture from Malawi and homewares from Zambia and Zimbabwe; taking particular pride in quality craftsmanship and design-differentiation; to provide point-of-difference for our end-Clients.

Rustic, contemporary, colonial, classic, tribal or bohemian; there are aesthetics to suit the many unique styles of Australasian coastal, country and metro homes, hospitality venues and events.

We look forward to supporting your home, store range or assisting you with a new interiors project or commercial hospitality fit-out.



Coastal Drift

Chucky and Regan Cantlay, the owners of Coastal Drift, have a genuine love for the people and crafts of Africa, sharing their time between Zambia and Australia with a home in both continents. Chucky was born and raised in Zambia, with a deep understanding of the people and their culture.

Regan has worked directly with artisans in both product development and export for 15 years, and together they bring an understanding of both cultures in choosing the perfect African homewares to complement the Australian home and lifestyle.

​They are both passionate to discover and curates beautiful African homewares for interior designers and retailers, with an emphasis on the incredible weaving skills of the southern African artisans and a desire to bring these authentic woven creations to the world.

Directors, Coastal Drift Interiors (2023 and beyond)


A Sustainable Vision

Our commitment to sustainability influences all aspects our business. We are dedicated to sustainably producing each item, without compromising on quality, production method, or materials.

We believe by sourcing, promoting products that are produced slowly and responsibly, with respect for the environment; we can do our part to help promote mindful, conscious consumption with a positive social impact.


Coastal Drift

Like a piece of coastal drift, her life-journey started in Malawi, then on to Europe, a short stint in Zimbabwe; before settling in Australia in 2004.

With over 20 years of buying, renovating and styling properties in the UK and Australia, and a career in design and marketing; in 2013 she combined life and career into business.

A passionate supporter of the highly-skilled artisans in the south east region of Africa; as well as their families and communities. Monique was also equally driven to ensure our Clients and their customers received high-quality, durable and genuine products made from sustainable natural fibres endemic to this Africa region.

Monique Ryan-Musacchio
Founder, Coastal Drift Interiors (2013 - 2023)