At Coastal Drift, we want the world to celebrate the incredible handcrafts of Africa. Our range of products are all-natural; beautifully made by hand with sustainable materials.

Specialising in genuine handmade furniture and decor from Southern Africa, we take particular pride in quality craftsmanship and our ability to source direct from the maker. Preserving cultural traditions of indigenous master artisans, and supporting their families and communities is our ethos.

Rustic, contemporary, colonial, classic, tribal or bohemian; there are aesthetics to suit the many unique styles of Australasian coastal, country and urban home.


We have a genuine love for the people and crafts of Africa, having raised our children there and still sharing our time between Zambia and Australia with a home in both continents. Chucky was born in Zambia, and Regan, originally from the Gold Coast in Australia, has lived in Africa for many years, having worked directly with artisans on product development on the ground in Zambia with startup female enterprise Eden Found.

We uniquely understand both cultures, and we're passionate about finding and choosing the perfect natural homewares to complement the Australian home and lifestyle.

Directors, Coastal Drift Interiors


Our commitment to naturally made goods and sustainability influences all aspects our business. We're dedicated to sustainably producing each item, without compromising on quality, production method, or materials.

As parents, we want to leave a better world for our children. We believe by sourcing and promoting natural products that are produced slowly and responsibly, with respect for the environment; we can do our part to help promote mindful, conscious consumption with a positive social impact.