Perfectly Imperfect & Unique

Perfectly Imperfect & Unique

Hallmarks of Authentic Handcrafted Furniture

All of our products are handmade in remote areas of Africa. Our Malawi Cane authentic furniture pieces are crafted with hand tools to chisel the leg shape and seat structure, with these skilled master artisans using a bicycle wheel to shape the iconic arched shape of the back-support frame.




We celebrate the following elements of a Malawi chair as standard features that define the iconic and unique nature of our product, not defects;

  • Variations in the weave designs
  • Imperfections in securing and finishing-off the end of fibre
  • Variation in colour and tone of natural raw cane
  • Soft frays of fibre can appear along the strands of the cane
  • Exposing of the timber framework can appear
  • Natural knots can be seen along the fibres
  • Splitting, chips, cracking, natural defects and leeching of natural oils are present in natural timbers and are not considered faults
  • Irregularities in shapes, colours, surfaces and finishes may be present
  • Variations in seat height
  • Variations in size (give or take a 2cm!)
  • Specifications in size and finish may differ from those stated or shown and the actual items may vary from catalogue or website images.

    All of these attributes are celebrated as natural imperfections that we value as high-end artistic talent to create these truly beautiful and unique chairs.

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