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Traditional 2-seater Malawi Cane Chair - Brass or Copper Feet

Sale price$1,199.00
Feet: Brass
Colour: Raw

Add some glamour to your traditional 2-seater Malawi chars, with copper feet or brass feet. Sold only with new chairs, the 0.1mm copper plate is exclusively available from Coastal Drift.

When designers refer to a "Malawi chair," they are referencing this traditional design; as genuine as it gets when it comes to adding some authentic flavour to your home. Effortless, yet intricately detailed, the wooden/bamboo frame chair settles in comfortably in any room or deck, just quietly owning the space it is in.

Order the custom 2-seat set pad here for all-out comfort.

The original and the best Our authentic handwoven furniture is distinguished from imitations by its distinctive brass plaque and superior craftsmanship. Imitations and poorly made replicas cannot match these authentic Malawi Cane pieces which undergo strict product control and offer gorgeous customising options such as colour treatment, brass/copper feet leather trim.

Dimensions (variations occur) :
Depth 62cm | Width 123cm | Height 83cm | Weight 12kg
From floor to the seat height where someone sits, is roughly 43cm.

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