Tiffin Woven Decorative / Storage Tins Set of 3

Sale price$149.00

Our set of 3 Tiffin Tins introduce natural woven texture into your home.  Use them for day-to-day functional storage throughout your home; for haberdashery, stationery, small bathroom toiletries, jewellery, children's toys, or simply as striking decor on a shelf or coffee table.

Dimensions (variations occur):

Sold in a coordinating set of three:

Small: H10.5cm, W19cm | Medium: H12.5cm, W22cm | Large: H16.5cm, W26cm

Ilala palm is indigenous to Zimbabwe and grown in dry and sandy areas. They are non-invasive, plentiful and readily available. The fibrous leaves, once dried, are naturally cream in colour. The leaves can be stripped and sliced to either create a fine or thick fibre depending on the style of basket being produced.