Tawulo Flat Weave Towel - Storm

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A brilliant beach, swimming or bath towel, the Tawulo is a classic and original addition that's also a versatile all-rounder, and perfect for travelling. The defining characteristic of this textured, monochrome range is that no two Tawulo’s are the same, thanks to the random rolling of the weft yarn in the weaving process.

The inspiration behind this technique comes from the historical weavers in West Africa. Traditionally coloured yarns were obtained by extracting natural dyes from plants, which was limited to what grew in their region. When traders began to come to Africa from all over the world they brought exotically coloured fabrics with them. These fabrics were unravelled and the yarns re-woven in combination with local yarns to create a hybrid of pattern and colour.

The Tawulo flat weave towels are all woven from 100% cotton grown in Southern Africa. They are highly absorbent, quick-drying and eco-friendly due to their low bulk. A versatile bath, pool or beach towel which folds tight when travelling.


Bath Sheet: 105cm x 180cm

Designed Woven & Made in South Africa
100% Cotton
Hemmed finish
40' Machine wash
Warm iron
Do not bleach