Rwandan Happy Tables

Sale price$697.00
Color: Natural Stripe

These exquisite and intricate tables are exclusive to Coastal Drift in Australia.

A gorgeously fun and colourful result of traditional skills and contemporary design, the tables are handwoven using palm leaves and then tightly wrapped in naturally dyed sisal fibres. The sisal leaf is picked, stripped for its fibres, the fibres are then boiled to soften and become more malleable and dyed with a variety of different colours.

An absolute tribute to the hardworking rural ladies of Rwanda. This team of ladies is led by Fraterne, a talented creative who puts huge time and effort into guiding the weavers and creating a successful weaving team. 

Dimensions (variations occur): 

Height 50cm | Width 35cm

These tables are feature pieces for any space, but also functional, stylish and of premium quality. They add a colour pop, a grounding and natural element to an upmarket room, a piece of Africa, a story of hardworking Rwandan women using their incredible skills to support their families.