Tonga Woven Basket Trays

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Size: X-Small

Handcrafted by the Chulu family, an artisan group from the Luangwa Artisan Collective in Zambia. The baskets are woven from ilala palm and have a distinctive design with a square bottom forming the foundation of the basket. It takes approximately three days  to complete a basket about 35 cm in diameter.

Dimensions (variations occur):

X-Small diam 25cm | Small diam 30cm | Medium diam 35cm | Large diam 50cm 

Ilala palm is indigenous to Zimbabwe and grown in dry and sandy areas. They are non-invasive, plentiful and readily available. The fibrous leaves, once dried, are naturally cream in colour. The leaves can be stripped and sliced to either create a fine or thick fibre dependent on the style of the piece they are producing.