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Visible and tactile luxury, loomed with heart and soul.

Coral + Hive have developed a vast contemporary collection of hand-loomed natural rugs, wall hangings and cushions. Luxurious textures are created with local, ethically-sourced natural fibres from sustainable farms, which include soft durable Karakul wool, luscious silky mohair, and 100% jersey cotton.

The weavers are at the very heart of the business, a talented all-woman team that use traditional looms who have learnt their skills from the generations before them. They loom with quality, consistency and unique designs. Coral + Hive artisans create a myriad of pattern and colour combinations, drawing inspiration from surrounding geometric and abstract landscape and nature.

Rugs featured online are part of our core range. If you are looking for something specific for your next residential or commercial project, we can work with you to create a custom piece that is exclusive to you.

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