Vintage Makenge Decorative Basket

Sale price$195.00

These beautiful, vintage and one-of-a-kind makenge baskets come direct to you from their origin. These incredibly storied and beautiful authentic vintage makenge baskets are a daily companion in the life of a traditional Zambian woman. Stunning as a wall display alone or grouped, these are real collector's items.

You will receive the exact basket pictured in the listing. This basket measures 48cm wide by 8cm deep.

Traditionally given as wedding presents and passed from mother to daughter, these baskets are incredibly rare, and so skilfully woven that they are even used for transporting water as well as winnowing maize and storage.

All of our handmade, authentic items are unique, with their own charms and imperfections. Your purchase supports traditional makers and their families so from them to you - our sincere thanks.