These handwoven Nest Gourds introduce texture and contemporise subtle solutions for either pets, children or adults around the home!  A perfect secret shelter for your cat to nap, but it is also a fun place to play.  It's not just a cat nest or fairy shelter - it's an original piece of furniture with sinuous shapes, a dreamy design, blending in harmony with different styles of furnishings.


Our Nest Gourds are inspired by the nest of the weaver bird - a proflific species in south eastern Africa. Often the discarded nests can be found at the base of tress dried out, and I have fond memories of collecting them when I was a child.  


The baskets are woven from ilala palm and have a distinctive design with a square bottom forming the foundation of the basket - similar to that of a Garlic Gourd and Wonky Basket. No two baskets are the same, each with their own shape and natural tones of the ilala. Ilala palm is indigenous to Zimbabwe and grown in dry and sandy areas. They are non-invasive, plentiful and readily available. The fibrous leaves, once dried, are naturally cream in colour. The leaves can be stripped and sliced to either create a fine or thick fibre dependent on the style of the piece they are producing.


Dimensions: 60cm diameter

Nest Gourd