White karakul wool and white curly mohair


Karakul and mohair blend rugs are soft and luxurious. The wool of the Karakul sheep, a common breed found in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, brings sturdy durability to the piece. Whilst the Angora fibre from Angora goats introduces lightweight warmth, also long-wearing, and easy to dye with a multitude of colours. Mohair has unique properties, not found in any other fibre; it has lustre, elasticity, the ability to breathe, a natural resistance to soiling, incredible strength and is non-flammable. Its light-reflecting properties also give these rugs a stunning silky sheen.


These rugs have excellent weight and substance to them with a chunky, satisfying feel. Bringing warmth, depth and texture to any room - they are somewhat dense, springy and possess a very natural texture. Think raw and imperfectly perfect.


The ideal match for these natural rugs is wood flooring, concrete and natural floor coverings. The wool is bound by a very long fibre and is spun and woven to ensure a rug that will last a lifetime. A high natural coating of lanolin makes these rugs extremely durable, protects against staining, and also fire resistent.


Every rug is handwoven to order. Choose from our standard sizes in the dropdown menu, or contact the team if you'd like to source precisely what you need for your home or interior design project at any dimension up to a maximum of 4m x 6m


Standard sizes available:

- 1.7m x 2.4m

- 2m x 3m

- 2.5m x 3.5m

- 3m x 4m

Melia Weave Mohair Blend

PriceFrom $3,125.00