When people say the words ‘Malawian cane chair,’ this traditional design is often what comes to mind. Also known as a ‘Malawi Chair,’ this is as authentic as it gets when it comes to adding some authentic flavour to your home. Effortless, yet intricately detailed, the wooden/bamboo frame ‘Traditional’ chair settles in comfortably in any room or deck – just quietly owning the space it is in. Styled up with a unique touch of luxe by selecting our brass or copper feet!


Add some glamour to your traditional Malawi chars, with copper feet or brass feet.

Sold only with new chairs, the 0.1mm copper plate is exclusively available from Malawi Cane.


Dimensions (as a guide – remember no two chairs are the same!):

Depth 60cm

Width 75cm

Height 85cm

Floor to the seat height where someone sits is roughly 43cm

Weight 7kg


Don't forget to order a seat pad cushion if you need - especially for a dining table setting!

Malawi Traditional 1-seater - Brass/Copper Feet

  • October 2020