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When people say the words ‘Malawian cane chair,’ this traditional design is often what comes to mind. Also known as a ‘Malawi Chair,’ this is as authentic as it gets when it comes to adding some authentic flavour to your home. Effortless, yet intricately detailed, the wooden/bamboo frame ‘Traditional’ chair settles in comfortably in any room or deck – just quietly owning the space it is in.


Dimensions (as a guide – remember no two chairs are the same!):

Depth 60cm

Width 75cm

Height 85cm

Floor to the seat height where someone sits is roughly 43cm.

Weight 7kg


Don't forget to order a seat pad cushion if you need - especially for a dining table setting!


*Side Table/ Plant not included

Malawi Traditional 1-seater

  • October 2020



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