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These Giant Tonga Lampshades are inspired by traditional Batonga tribal community landscapes and village contours in Zimbabwe. Striking statement pieces for bedrooms, entrances, stairwell voids, kitchens, or hospitality venues.


Ilala palm is indigenous to Zimbabwe and grown in dry and sandy areas. They are non-invasive, plentiful and readily available. The fibrous leaves, once dried, are naturally cream in colour. The leaves can be stripped and sliced to either create a fine or thick fibre dependant on the style of the basket or decor piece they are producing.


The Ndebele artisans who make these baskets are traditionally farmers who have been basket-weaving for many years - learning traditional skills handed down from their grandparents.  They would use their baskets in their villages to collect and store grain. This is now paired with contemporary designs via our suppliers, who support the weavers throughout their production process - allowing them to create beautiful designs that can be sold around the world and helps to generate their income from a global marketplace.


Choose from: Solid in natural or chocolate organic stain, or slatted.

Size: 56cm W x 65cm H

Giant Tonga Lampshade


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