The Buhera Bowl is a natural way to curate collections of things around the home. Handwoven with a firm cane fibre they are extremely durable and are perfect to hold almost anything in your home - craftwork, cards, fruit, bathroom pieces, kids toys . Or simply to display decorative items. They will enhance any space with their warm and neutral feel. Utilise them as striking wall mounts grouped in threes or create a grid formation for maximum effect. Since each Buhera Bowl is individually handmade there will be slight variation in size, colour and shape, as well as possible woven irregularities. This gives each bowl a unique character! The Buhera baskets and bowls are hand woven in Zimbabwe using local cane reeds of the Buhera district, Zimbabwe. The traditional Buhera Tseme harvest bowls are used to sort through grains at harvest time.


Choose from the following sizes:

XXSmall - 25cm diam

XSmall - 30cm diam

Medium  - 40cm diam

XLarge - 50cm diam

XXLarge - 60cm diam

Buhera Bowls

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