Add some ethnic flair to a breakfast or harvest table. The Chipali bowl is synonymous in markets throughout Africa; a perfect vessel for storing and selling bread, fruit and vegetables. These Binga Chipali baskets have been intricately with the Binga designs, introduce pattern, natural texture and substance into your home. Avaiable in a wide range of sizes, they can be laid simply on a surface to create a bowl for everyday items, or placed vertical on a wall as stunning decor as a single piece or a collection of many.


Binga Chipalis are handwoven from ilala palm using a simple over and under weave. Prior to weaving, some of the palm fronds are organically dyed using plant-based subtances to create the darker colours. Binga Baskets traditionally finished with a dark brown herringbone edge trim. Each Binga Basket pattern is unique, no two are ever the same.


Choose size from:

- XXSmall - 26-30cm

- XSmall - 31-35cm

- Small - 36-40cm

- Medium - 41-45cm

- Large - 46-50cm

- XLarge - 51-55cm

- XXLarge - 56-60cm

Binga Chipali

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