The Binga Baskets are a beautiful way to introduce pattern, natural texture and substance into your home. Laid simply on a surface to create a platter for everyday items, or placed vertical on a wall as stunning decor as a single piece or a collection of many.


Binga Baskets are handwoven from ilala palm using a simple over and under weave. Prior to weaving, some of the palm fronds are organically dyed using plant-based subtances to create the darker colours. Binga Baskets traditionally finished with a dark brown herringbone edge trim. Each Binga Basket pattern is unique, no two are ever the same.


Traditionally Binga Baskets have been used to collect and winnow grain in the displaced Binga tribes in Zimbabwe. The villagers continue to use these pieces throughout their daily lives, but also gain incredible support to their livelihoods and communities by the baskets they are able to sell into the global marketplace.

Binga Baskets

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