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Our handmade and natural Christmas Gift Guide

After what's been a tumultuous two years, this year more than ever we are striving to keep things meaningful, natural and sustainable. What better way than with our handmade Coastal Drift Christmas Gift Ideas - ranging from small functional baskets through to indulgent and luxurious wall hangings and rugs, even through to Gift Certificates if choosing is a little tricky.

Our range of unique luxury African home and lifestyle collections preserves cultural traditions and the skills, knowledge and expertise of artisans. By selecting meaningful gifts this season with a considered choice, you too can support the artisans we support, through our fair trade that provides them with continued income and supports their family, health and education needs.

"The gift of meaningful conscious consumerism shines bright via social empowerment, financial support and recognition throughout our year while the artisans from whom we source are able to pursue their creative and traditional crafts". - Monique, Coastal Drift

Below are a few of our favourite and fabulous Coastal Drift pieces that will work as gift ideas for so many people on your list (or maybe this can help you give Santa ideas for yourself!).

Hand-cut brass and beaded Earrings

Add sparkle for festive social events, and colour to fun summer beach days with a range of our Soul Design earrings.

Our top picks:

- Che Shale

- Diani Hoops

- Marrakech

- Waka-waka

Boho and Tribal Indigo textiles

All the blues for a perfect Coastal Christmas setting. Made form a heavy cotton organic GMO drill, our textiles are tough and durable as scatter cushions throughout the home - lounges, bedrooms or poolside! Their cooling tones add crisp refreshment to any area over hot and humid summer days and nights.

Our top picks:

- Quills

- Rake

- Dots

- Mixed pattern in 70x70cm - so much fun!

Conscious carrying

Our range of cane or ilala palm baskets are available in a variety of styles and sizes suitable for several functional uses.

Hand woven with natural fibres in Malawi and Zambia by rural artisan groups.

These are perfect gift options for market baskets, grocery baskets, beach bags or toy carriers.

Sustainable sorting

Affordable and handmade, our collection of small baskets are ideal gifts to offer stylish and sustainable organisation to space. A number of sizes and designs that focus on functionality to provide textured tidy-all’s for toiletries in bathrooms, as décor on open-shelves in kitchens or living rooms, or for neat bundles of objects in bedrooms or children’s rooms.

Choose from our Bi-colour baskets, Ivan baskets, Binga Chipali or Ilala bins.

Grand organisation

Choose our larger format storage options for a gift with style and substance - still aimed at that friend or family member who wishes to have a tidy but ethical home.

Choose from cane or the softer ilala palm textures for either firewood, planter basket, shoe storage, laundry, towels, umbrella stands or children’s toys.

Woven wall hangings

For that gift that will make a statement, look at our most popular and unique wall decor options. A range of neutral and natural fibres with options of tones, weaving styles and designs. Guaranteed to create texture and interest to any wall space.

Woven Suns, Round Fruit Trays, Tonga Baskets, Makenge baskets and Timber Tsero are our top picks.

Summer soul

Effortlessly bold pieces featuring hand-cut brass and sustainably sourced beads from Kenya. These necklaces, bracelets and rings are inspired by the Swahili doors on Lamu Island, the beaches and thou sailing boats on the coast, and the adornments of the Maasai Mara tribes.

Team favourites in the Coastal Drift showroom:

- Peponi ring

- Tribal Cuff

- Full moon ring

- Juju bracelets in khakis and whites

Light up the season

A huge variety of unique styles, weaving patterns and natural fibres to suit small, medium or large spaces.

· Be it a refined luxurious room with our tighter woven pieces such as Giant Tonga lampshades, Kaya Pendants or Solid Traditional pendants

· Styling a more relaxed home that wants some playful shadows dancing on the ceilings from our Chipewa pendants or Traditional pendants

· Looking for wistful bohemia to soften a space? Our pendants woven in ilala palm fibres (Rastas and Spirals) have long tendrils that create movement and shadows

The gift of a Gourd

Gourds are one piece in the Coastal Drift range that is always well-received as a gift.

They are traditional vessels from remote villages in Zimbabwe, intricately woven with the soft fronds of the ilala palm.

A show-stopper in any location, they sit beautifully alone or grouped in hallways, living rooms or upon shelves.

Select from a huge array of sizes, either the iconic Garlic Bulawayo Gourds, to the unique Giant Nongo Gourds, or the charactered Baby Nongo Gourds.

Tribal pattern & texture

For those friends or family with more ethnic flair in their homes, a woven piece from our Binga baskets, Binga Chipali bowls, or our Matika hand-printed cushions, will be the perfect ethical gift.

Their designs introduce pattern, natural texture and substance into a home. Baskets and bowls are available in a wide range of sizes, and they can be laid simply on a surface to create a bowl for everyday items, or placed vertical on a wall as stunning decor as a single piece or a collection of many.

The Matika textiles range takes design-cues from the ancient Mud Cloths - introducing geometric shapes in mono-tones and earthy rusts. Mix and match with a few, or gift a single accent cushion.