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How to create a Binga Basket Wall

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Binga Basket Wall

Creating a Binga Basket Wall is a great way to show off the handmade beauty of Binga Baskets.

Binga Baskets are made using natural fibres, dyed using organic dyes and woven by master artisans in Zimbabwe. They’re a great conversation starter, so what better way to showcase them than by creating your very own Binga Basket Wall?

Three options for hanging your Binga Baskets

There are three ways we suggest you can hang Binga Baskets on your wall. Which you choose is ultimately up to you and whether you want holes in your walls or not! All the methods achieve a similar look.

  1. Use double-sided tape in the centre of the baskets – we step through the detail of this method below.

  2. Use a nail tack (if you’re okay with holes in your wall!) – simply bang it straight through a gap in the weaving, in the centre of the basket, into the wall.

  3. Use thread to hang the baskets like a piece of framed artwork – thread and tie the string to the back, then place over a hook on the wall or hang from a picture rail using thread or wire.

Gather your supplies

To hang your Binga Baskets with double-sided tape, you’ll need:

  • 1x big white wall – try above a bed, in a living area, up a staircase wall or along a hall way – the options are endless!

  • 1 x roll of double-sided tape

  • As many Binga Baskets as you like – displaying odd numbers together creates a balanced look

Step by step

  1. Place all your Binga Baskets on the floor to ‘practice’ the layout. Shuffling the baskets around and testing different layouts will be easier on the floor than when they’re on the wall.

  2. Once you’re happy with the general vibe of your Binga Basket layout, place them all upside down on the floor.

  3. Cut strips of the double-sided tape – you’ll need two strips for small baskets and three strips for larger baskets.

  4. Apply tape to each basket, on the back in the centre. Use two strips for small baskets, three for larger.

  5. Place your larger baskets on the wall first, then fill in the gaps with smaller ones.

  6. Press each basket to the wall and hold firmly for 10 seconds.

  7. Ta-da! Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Care to share?

Send us a pic of your completed Binga Basket Wall – we’d love to see your creations! Email us at

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