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Our range of unique luxury African home and lifestyle collections preserves cultural traditions and the skills, knowledge and expertise of artisans. We want to showcase the talents and designs of Africa with the world. 

Supporting the artisans through fair trade provides them with continued income and supports their family, health and education needs. We only work with exclusive suppliers, so you can be confident the pieces you source through us are unique and will provide you a real point of difference.

Coral and Hive

Handwoven artisan rugs woven in South Africa. Woven with sustainable local fibres of Karakul wool, Mohair and recycled cotton.


Buying a Coral & Hive rug gives back to a community of weavers in Africa and keeps weaving traditions alive. These are beautiful handwoven rugs, that are woven to last a lifetime.

Malawi Cane

Traditionally handcrafted Malawi Cane furniture and lighting uses the century-old traditional craft of cane-weaving that has been handed down from one generation to the next.


Every purchase of a Malawi Cane piece ensures that genuine Malawian artisans receive recognition, financial and community support for the weaving of a chair that is globally recognised. 

SOUL Design Jewellery

SOUL Design create stunningly beautiful, handcrafted brass and gold-plated jewellery for nomadic spirits – something that resonates strongly with me, as someone who loves travel and feels most alive exploring new places.

Each SOUL Design piece is handmade using local materials with artisans in Kenya or in the Cape Town studio. The pieces are true keepsakes of modern African creativity, each telling a story about a different part of the African continent.

Tribal Textiles

A home décor company based on the edge of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia! Tribal Textiles works to create sustainable impact through creativity and craftsmanship by going beyond fair wages, reinvesting in community strengthening initiatives, and supporting local wildlife conservation.


Their hand painted textiles blend traditional Batik techniques with contemporary composition and bold colors. From the animals that roam the land they live in, to the iconic motifs of Africa’s vibrant heritage, their textiles draw inspiration from the culture and wildlife that surround them.


Zimbabwe homewares

The vast array of traditional hand-crafted talent throughout remote tribes in Zimbabwe means that we work with two partners in Zimbabwe.


HandCrafts Zimbabwe deliver to the world the traditional handcrafts that have been produced for many generations, ensuring these skills are preserved for the future.


Collaborative Craft Projects are driven by traditional skills being incorporated into contemporary designs ensuring they have broader to the global market place.


Together with our partners, we regularly run workshops to evaluate skill sets and ability. Teaching simple basic tools to help the artisans improve their small business skills, and encourage them to be accountable and involved in the complete ordering process from start to finish.


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