We are proud to partner with exclusive suppliers to ensure we can offer our valued Clients unique, authentic and genuine furniture and home decor.

Malawi Cane is the world’s number one seller and exporter of natural Malawi Cane furniture. Their quality, attention to detail and professionalism ensure a loyal following throughout South Africa, Europe, Australia and the United States.


Malawi Cane furniture is handmade using sustainable natural resources endemic to the area.  All the furniture we sell is made by villagers in rural Malawi. Whilst a number of sustainable projects have been considered in order to uplift this gifted community, with a massive lack of electricity, Malawi Cane are currently focusing efforts on a solar power solution. The world bank ranks Malawi as the poorest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita. With well over 85% of the country’s population living in rural areas and dependent on subsistence farming, the country’s economy is fragile. With every chair that is sold, you are supporting local artisans, and improving the lives of their families and communities.

Malawi Cane Australia website:  www.malawicane.com.au

Collaborative Craft Projects (CCP) offers bespoke woven products made from sustainable materials in conjunction with local communities and a personalised interior design service.  Specialising in bespoke basketry and unique natural flooring solutions, Jane Taylor, Founder of CCP works in tandem with Zimbabwe’s top designers to help realise their vision, and create exceptional lifestyle products. Jane has more than two decades of product design and production experience, and a strong passion for authentic interior design. Her natural aesthetic has allowed her to create CCP’s signature collections as well as work on many regional installations in hospitality, boutique hotels, spas and lodges.


CCP was born out of Jane’s desire to bring the community into her craft, and CCP now offers both product development and training programs for implementation in communities. CCP works with a wide network of designers and artisans with a broad range of skills and knowledge of different materials. CCP believe in the greater purpose of combining craft with community, and preserving traditional methods for future generations.

Collaborative Craft Projects website:  http://collaborativecraftprojects.com

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