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Coastal Drift sources and imports hand made products created using age-old traditional techniques and crafted from

natural fibres and materials. We pride ourselves in the quality of our carefully curated designs and pieces.

harvested fibres

All of our decor and furniture pieces are created with natural fibres and materials that take months of planning by their creators. Natural fibres, such as blue-gum timbers, bamboo cane, water reeds, sisal grasses and Ilala palm fronds and cotton from Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Many of our artisans take time in the year to plough and prepare the fields for these crops that will sustain their communities throughout the year. combined with a weave; introduce pattern, texture and layers.


locally sourced

Our fabric textiles use 100% GMO-free, natural cotton fabric grown, spun, and woven in Zimbabwe. As much as we would love to work with organic cotton, we have so far not been able to find an organic cotton farm in southern Africa that can provide us with fabric in large enough quantities. Until then, we prefer to support our regional communities rather than increasing our carbon footprint by sourcing organic cotton from a distant part of the world.


Our rug collection is made using locally and ethically-sourced natural fibres from sustainable farms in South Africa and Namibia. The Core range focuses on two main natural fibres; Karakul sheep wool is extremely durable, chunky and warm. Mohair Angora goat wool introduces soft, fine and luxurious fibres.


conscious consumerism

With a long-existing fair trade relationship with artisans, we maintain the time-honoured

hand-crafts of weaving, painting, screen and block-printing, leather craft, metal work and sewing.

This in turn creates the enjoyment of learning new skills, pride of creating something with their own hands, respect of their craft and social empowerment by supporting themselves and their communities



Weaving and textile traditions in Africa date back thousands of years and are an integral part of the continent’s culture and history. Consistent work nowadays provides ongoing work for artisans, benefiting them with financial security for family, health and educational support.


Inspired by Africas rich natural environment, wildlife and culture; we are passionate about innovative design and ensuring point of difference within our carefully selected curations.



Together with our partners, we regularly run workshops to evaluate skill sets and ability and from this, learn to adapt traditional skills and methods to create new designs with broader appeal.


They also teach simple basic tools to help the artisans improve their small business skills, and encourage them to be accountable and involved in the complete ordering process from start to finish.

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